Words by Abi Whistance

Releasing a record on Halloween is a dangerous card to pull as a fledgling band, with the potential to loiter into gimmick zone increasing tenfold with a track named Freaky Friday.

VENUS, nevertheless, have been bold enough to do so.

Yet despite all signs pointing south, don’t jump to conclusions on this one. This isn’t Trading Places or Sliding Doors, there’s no strange alternate reality at play. This is simply the third instalment in VENUS’s catalogue, and it’s fitting in rather nicely.

It’s the synth on display here that triumphs above the rest, ethereal sounds working in harmony with Ann Wilson style vocals and a driving riff. Spilling just over the five-minute mark, it’s a surprise that the band are able to pull off what is a fairly repetitive record without it feeling tiresome and losing its gusto.

Haunting but not on a superficial level, Freaky Friday is far more complex than a throwaway holiday track. There are moments here that shine a spotlight on each member; layers upon layers to pick at and unpeel until you’re left with the very bones of VENUS- grit, power and finesse.

To give each member their moment and do it so well isn’t as easy as they’ve made it look. VENUS possess both the blessing and the curse of frontwoman Grace Kelly; the band bearing the potential to slip into it becoming the GK show when she’s such a force to be reckoned with.

But dodging the fatal frontwoman bullet, the whole band continues to thrive as a complete package, never made clearer than with Freaky Friday.

VENUS is set to release their third single, Freaky Friday, on the 31st of October, with a single launch show at Oporto on the same night. To buy tickets, click here.

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