Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Words by Abi Whistance

Uncle Buzzard have an offering for you: a song written by a kid who eats his packed lunches alone on a park bench next to the bins.

Okay, maybe that requires a little explaining.

New single Hotel Room radiates a kind of loveable awkwardness and insecurity that you can’t help but remember fondly; think Darwin Deez, hell, think Napoleon Dynamite. These are the guys who were lacking in the confidence department in their teens, but when you look back on it can’t help but wish you’d pined over. Slightly naïve and overly nervous, they wouldn’t be arseholes like your high school boyfriend was- they’re way too jittery for that.

What I’m trying to say is that this track is appealing to the little segment of your brain that lacks self-assurance. Uncle Buzzard have tapped into that era of nerdy-but-cool in popular culture and are slowly dispensing it back into 2019; feeling insecure, spending too much time online and being a bit of a Billy no mates- these things when finessed into an indie package somehow become attractive and pretty damn cool to us dream wave fanatics.

There’s something alluring about airy and digestible indie paired with lyrics that can only be described as uneasy- maybe in a way it makes us feel better that someone else is just as diffident as we are.

Uncle Buzzard either know and use that, or they simply are that.

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