Words by Abi Whistance

Tranqua Lite were, and always will be, the kids in music who had a little too much fun on the FX keyboard. Years have gone by, skills advanced and tastes refined, but throw the lot of them in a room with a midi and, well, watch them tinker away.

New track I Need One Leg For Balance shows us both the phenomenal capability of the band, but equally at times their incapability to know when to say no to the synthesiser. As expected, there’s a loveable nature to the record; it’s easy to enjoy being tossed around by changes as frequent as the weather, but this time there’s a danger of bordering on patchwork.

Simply put, there’s a bit too much going on here. Striking the balance can be hard; previous release Hassle Heart felt a little plainer than debut Retrogression, an extraordinary electro-experimental track that for most part demonstrates the very best of Tranqua Lite.

The difference between the two records is clear: Retrogression pushed the right buttons, I Need One Leg For Balance is pressing ALL of them.

In any order, any speed, any number of times.

By no means am I dismissing the track entirely though. I Need One Leg For Balance is a step in the right direction, heading more towards to twists and quirks that gained them notoriety.

Tranqua Lite are aware of what their audience wants from them, the only issue is the quantity to provide. Yes, we revel in the crow sounders of Retrogression, rain sticks, kalimbas and whatever else is in their Pandora’s box of percussion, but play them fifty times over all at once and I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Take the rattle from the baby’s hands and it’s fixable- there’s sweet music behind that racket.

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