Updated: May 9

Words by Abi Whistance

It's now passed day fifty on the Monomyth Records Playwall, and back by popular demand, here I am to tell you what you should be listening to from it.

Okay, maybe that's not quite right.

The thing is, even though nobody asked for my thoughts on this, I'd be damned if I didn't give them. With over fifty incredible tracks, EPs and sessions by artists that even I was yet to discover, I just had to share my top five.

So here they are, and Monomyth- keep 'em comin'.

Peace Frog- Body Language

After the release of their summery anthem Ellena, the only bone I had to pick with Peace Frog was with the festival-feeling they consistently provoked. When the August Strongbow takes a backseat, I was worried that the track would serve as a depressing reminder of days once again getting darker, shorter.

So, turns out I was wrong.

Shut away inside and only able to bask in the festival sun for thirty minutes daily, if I stick on Body Language, grab a beer in a plastic cup and squint my eyes real tight, I almost feel like I'm at Reading. Almost. And boy, do I love it.

JAAYNS- Warrior

I'm partial to a bit of experimental pop. Slipping nicely into a record collection of St. Vincent and Fiona Apple LPs, JAAYNS's Warrior doesn't blend in with the lot, but does evoke the same pop quirkiness that we all know and love.

Standing bold but without being boastful, JAAYNS has mastered the art of techy-pop psychedelia in a simple yet effective track that I, for one, have stuck on replay.

MINT- Live at Cadman Studios

Coming at you with not one, not two, but five tracks recorded at Cadman Studios, MINT's edition to the Playwall absolutely had to be noted as one of my all time faves.

With a guitar tone that can only be described as 'Did somebody call Jack White?', MINT power through banger after banger with ultimate suave and little suit-and-boot sophistication. Just the way we like it.

Soybomb- Breakfast In Bed

Leeds have Uncle Buzzard, Berlin have Soybomb- fair is fair.

On a tour with Joshua Zero this February, I was introduced to these guys and man, I fell in love. I have a thing for bands who feel a little coy, sheepish even, and there's a sickly sweetness to Soybomb's track Breakfast In Bed that's really to die for.

So this had to make it on this list, it just had to.

Tall Kingdom- The Thief

Now this is music to walk with purpose to.

Brilliantly powerful without shouting 'Hey! Look at me!', Tall Kingdom's The Thief is a mish-mash of instrumental goodness that I can't help but want to bop up and down to. It's not quite a dance anthem, airing more on the side of a quiet shuffle, but hey, under lockdown at 3am, that's exactly what I'm looking for.

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