Words by Emily Taylor-Kaneen

Fake It Flowers by beabadoobee is the perfect album if you want to feel like you’ve jumped into an 90's coming-of-age film. With its tendency to jump from soft indie melodies to grungy alt-rock rhythms, this album creates a uniquely feel-good 1995 vibe.

Beabadoobee rose to popularity this year with her song Coffee, after it was sampled in a lo-fi tune by Canadian rapper Powfu. The sampled remix blew up on Tiktok and lead to the song being featured in a Dunkin Donuts advert. Her viral success lead to Dirty Hit, the label behind the likes The 1975, to take interest in the 20 year old.

Lyrically, if you are looking for something super complex and meaningful this may not be the album for you. Throughout the album the lyrical content seems to stick to repetition and simplicity, most notably in the songs Care and Dye It Red. Repetition within this album is one of its downfalls, and whilst the album does switch it up between grunge rock and mellow ballads, some of the songs do still end up sounding very similar- particularly in the slower, melodic tracks. Admittedly, towards the end of listening to this album it did feel like I had just heard the same songs over and over.

However, this does not take away from its overall positive vibe and honestly for a debut album at the tender age of 20 it's not too shabby at all; managing to retain that 'recorded in a bedroom' sound that Bea typically aims for.

If you're wanting to feel like you’re locked in a late 90s/ early 2000s time capsule flick, this definitely could be the album for you.

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