Words by Ross Carley

When The Sherlocks first surfaced in 2017 with their debut album Live for the Moment, they saw instant appraisal and success with soaring hits Will You Be There?, Chasing Shadows and the album title track Live for the Moment. They set themselves up as the new faces on the block to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen with impressive vocals and driving guitar riffs.

But with a successful first album almost always comes a seemingly disappointing sophomore release for guitar bands (with some exceptions), and it seems too much of a good thing really can cause problems. The Sherlocks have opted for more of the same, overdriven guitar and not much else to say for them. Opening tracks I Want it All and NYC (Sing it Loud) share none of the energy of their debut and set the album up for a depressing start. They seem to have caught the Catfish curse, but even their second album The Ride still had some commendable hits.

It’s not all bad, the album does pick up further down the line with Magic Man and Time To Go as they start to deliver more of what we’ve come to love them for. One Day is a promising hit with a riding bassline and uplifting vocals to power through the chorus. Rounding off the album, Under Your Sky is a solid finish to a rocky album; a gymnast with a limp making a perfect landing.

As a full album, it seems The Sherlocks haven’t lost their Oasis influence on Under Your Sky, which is a shame as they have the potential for so much more and I had high hopes after the release of Live for the Moment. Hopefully, with time and hindsight they can use this to build towards a better album in another 2 years’ time.


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