Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Words by Abi Whistance

For the first sunshine single The Froot have graced us with this year, I Want You Near doesn’t quite fit the bill of a light Summer tune. On a more superficial level, maybe so, but buried not too far below the surface is something far too menacing to be the soundtrack of a heatwave.

If you want it in short, this is the sound of the Black Lodge. For those of you who don’t know what I’m on about, well, Google it.

In all its backwards-talking, lingeringly haunting glory, I Want You Near is ominous. Not in the way The Froot have been before though, the rumbling build of penultimate track God from debut album Forbidden Froot playing a game of Cobain roulette (is he or isn’t he going to blow his brains out in the name of a hallucinogenic cause? Is my trip really beginning now or holy hell, am I tripping already?).

This is a different game we’re about to play; blowing your brains out now seeming like the far more pleasant game of the two to be playing. Is he or isn’t he watching me from outside my window, because shit, this is really starting to feel like he might be. What kind of atrocities can be committed in a game of desire?

The Froot need use only two words to answer that burning question- too many.

Of course, there’s no need to admit to such unhinged obsession with words when the music does it all for you, the sentiment of the song emitting something different entirely.

I only wanted you near me, I didn’t mean to end up picking the lock of your front porch.

Sure you didn’t.


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