Words by Abi Whistance and The Calls

It's been a notable year for The Calls. With the release of the psychedelic explosion that was A Change Is Gonna Come Around Here in September, it's pretty clear that the DIY three-piece know what's music to most people's ears. So, in that very spirit, who better to ask for their yearly round-up of what's good?

The Orielles – Come Down On Jupiter

We all absolutely loved their debut album Silver Dollar Moment that came out last year, and after a couple of follow-up singles they’ve released since we’re getting the feeling that they’re just gonna get better. Come Down On Jupiter came out earlier this year and shows their growing maturity – they seem to be getting more psychedelic with each release and we love that!

Crumb – Jinx

We’ve been so hyped for Crumb’s debut album after falling in love with their Locket EP, which is a brilliant cross between jazz and indie-psych. They’ve gone a step further and made an album which is probably our album of the year. The jazzy vibes take the record to another level of trippiness which is truly mindblowing at times, while the songwriting is excellent and the production is top-notch.

Sunbeam Sound Machine – Goodness Gracious

Words cannot describe how much respect we have for this criminally underrated artist. It’s just one guy in his bedroom in Melbourne making amazing shoegazey, dreamy psych music. His first album Wanderer is a big influence on us and the follow-up Goodness Gracious didn’t disappoint – it’s a more polished but equally psychedelic adventure that will take you deep down the rabbit hole in the best possible way.

The Strawberries – Oh No Not Again

We played with The Strawberries earlier this year at Lending Room and were really impressed with their classic psych-rock vibes. I think Sam is one of the best songwriters in the local scene around here and really look forward to what they come out with every time they put out a new release. Earlier this year they dropped Oh No Not Again, which just feels like a classic straight out of the 70s, which some really clever chord changes and as usual, some beautiful harmonies. Great band.

Roaker – Rough On The Diamond / Somewhere Fields

These guys are good mates of ours and brilliantly talented musicians. They’ve put out two excellent tunes this year, Rough On The Diamond and Somewhere Fields, with a really cool slacker rock vibe that we really dig, and they really take it to another level live when you can really feel the band and the power of Dave’s voice. Seriously check these guys out.

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