Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Words by Jim Dubnium

Headliners The Astrids emerged from a smoky swamp orchestra of light, strapped up their axes and began to unleash a show of unfamiliar, palpable and delicious power, reminiscent of an earthquake. I could see their amps turned up to 11 just before the first note was smote.

They knew what was needed.

There will be no treading carefully on egg-shelled minds tonight.

Image by Jim Dubnium

The opener was 2017’s Strange Girl: the deft and powerful biological daughter of Arctic Monkeys and Tame Impala. The lead vocals, provided by Sam, only grew more powerful and messily defined as the night scuttled on, cradled by the sharp backing vocals of bass player, Aron, and keyboardist, Daniel.

The build-up in Strange Girl was destined for a grand crescendo; lead guitarist Myles should be expecting a job offer from DHL soon because boy, did he deliver. This nimble fret ninja conjured a spiritual evocation, a comparable practice only in religion, magic and neo-psychedelia.

With a face-melting Brian May/Jack White-esque solo putting every plastic surgeon in town in business, I urge every reader and Sharman to go see The Astrids as soon as reasonably (or unreasonably) possible. 

The Astrids are currently working on their debut EP, scheduled for release later this year.

To catch The Astrids at their next gig, head to the Salt Beer Factory in Saltaire on the 18th July.

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