Words by Abi Whistance

After discovering Sunflower Thieves late last year, I was more than eager to get my hands on this track for review. Hide and Seek is the third release from the proclaimed folk-pop duet, and for me, it sees them go beyond what even I thought they were capable of.

Opening with what can only be described as forest-fairy harmonies, Sunflower Thieves are at their most polished state here; their previous single Heavy Weight was, admittedly, incredibly close to reaching this point, but with a stripped back version it was hard to strike it rich.

Hide and Seek keeps that ethereal, airy feeling we’ve grown to love, but brings a more distinctive style to the band. With melt-in-your-mouth production, there’s a lovely blend between breathy vocals and instrumental that hits the nail on the head for what I think we’ve all been waiting for from these guys.

Light-hearted and uplifting, Sunflower Thieves continue to soothe all who listen without putting them to sleep. The pair remain stimulating and vibrant, the use of sedative-like vocal melodies with intricate picking adding a Newsom feel to everything they do.

It seems they’ve reached a sound that works impeccably for them, and with a release like this I don’t think I can wait patiently for the next.

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