Words by Archie Whincup

Tigers are cool again. aren’t they? 

I mean they never really stopped being cool, but right now they’re basking in the spotlight. Our collective mind’s eye transfixed on 400 pounds of pure muscle. Terrifying muscle. Big, horrid fangs. Sad, lonely eyes. 

Tigers are getting a well-deserved thumbs up from everyone.

Tigers, moustaches and mullets are all our lockdown brains can handle, drip-fed slowly one retweet at a time. Our time outside has been replaced with BIG TIGER FAN ENERGY and I think this might be a fair trade, maybe even an upgrade. 

But what’s not to love? They’ve got it all - an iconic fur pattern, MASSIVE claws and proper ‘I could well kill you, but I can’t be arsed’ vibe.

Is there any other animal capable of keeping our attention for this long?

No. Only the Tiger can do that. Nothing else.

Tiger, Reach Out is the new song from Preston-based synth-pop band Sugarstone. It’s something I guess. 

Similarly to its namesake, the greatest Siberian mammal, I’m having a hard time imagining its presence being well-received on a crowded dance floor.

The loud, brash, relentless synths feel disjointed. It’s conflicted. It’s a track battling for space against itself. The end result feels abrasive. It’s difficult to take in at times, more of a sensory overload challenge than an enjoyable rhythm. I had to listen to it in batches.

The song's biggest redeeming feature is its optimism; there is a desire to empower through the lyrics and the result is a catchy, uplifting message which you can tell will resonate with the young band’s fans.

It’s not all bad right? At least Tigers are still good.

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