Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Words by Abi Whistance

Headliners Rothschild are swiftly greeted with shouts of ‘play something dirty!’ from a crowd that seems to know them well, their fanbase appearing to have grown tenfold since the last time we’d seen them in action. The heaviest of the bunch, this is not what you’d listen to as a polite mental refresher, but if you’re looking for unadulterated wrath of sorts- this is it. Elements that seem so indisputably jarring ultimately come together; conflicts of sound work coherently in an equally as astonishing nature as that of the band itself.

Admittedly, Bellamy-esque vocals in stark contrast with rougher segments of noise can be a little startling at times, but it’s this contrast that makes them so noteworthy. That, and of course an unusual rendition of Kanye’s Black Skinhead, something that initially feels so wrong it’s possibly right. Perhaps it’s the natural aggression of the song that makes it so, or perhaps it really is just too easy to be blindsided by the curious nature of it all. Regardless, the leading slot was not wasted on these guys, their first headline gig showing they really are a true force to be reckoned with.

“t’s not long before we’re hearing that local phenomenon Nova Hands are grid-locked on the dreaded M1, pulling out of their slot as first support of the night. Drat."

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