Words by Abi Whistance

New-wave is making a quiet comeback.

It may be in the subtle nuances of twitchy synth, thick bass and one-liners, but trust me, it’s a-comin’.

Locked In The Panopticon is the third official single by Hull’s synth-connoisseurs Reardon Love, and if you’re looking for some proof for the statement above- this is it.

With a title that offers little insight into the meaning of the track without a Google search, the band are surrendering to what I’m christening the Thomas Dolby effect. This is Love’s She Blinded Me With Science, and we’re talking quirk-galore, instrumentally sterile and true to its eighties origins. Everything in this track feels clean and put together; scrubbed of any dirt and grunge that makes it anything other than a throwback to classic synth-pop.

All it takes is a quick flick through Reardon’s back catalogue and you can see this is where they’ve been heading for a while. Each single released feels closer to destination zero, and Locked In The Panopticon is a fraction away from arrival. A masterful bass hook and synth melody intrinsic to all that is eccentric, the only thing missing from this track is a little bravery.

I want bizarre.

I want the boundaries of Poindexter-pop pushed and stretched until it becomes divisive. What I’m trying to say is that it’s difficult to dislike this track, but I want it to be an opinion-former. There’s an opportunity here for Reardon Love to grasp the unusual by its horns and put it to the test.

Give the experimental a run for its money.

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