Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Words by Jim Dubnium.

Having Ramona Rose, I thought, as a show opener is like having Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining as a doorman.


Leeds-based Ramona Rose, with no band, just a rotation of hooky melodies and sharp emotions, was a triumph last Friday. A powerful one-woman-show armed with her guitar, looper and a harmony pedal containing the kidnapped and harmonising Dixie Chicks (I assume) kidnapped some hearts too.

Clearly country influenced as a whole, you also get subtle undertones of the timbre of KT Tunstall and the gritty saccharin of Eva Cassidy, but Ramona is doing her own thing in her own way. 

A personal highlight of her set was her divine, catchy and emotionally staggering song Hope. Hope speaks delicately and beautifully of that familiar and universal feeling of having lost someone; that yearning to be with the departed and what is left behind when they are gone. Ramona showed how loss is not an absence, but is in fact a presence. 

Hope is a necessary presence.

Ramona Rose’s performance was a piece of art and a cathartic performative unravelling of emotions. Next time you need to feel, as in, really feel, go see Ramona Rose.

The aforementioned Hope will be her next single which is out in October/November. She also then begins her tour at the same time.

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