Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Words by Abi Whistance

If glitter was a feeling, Purple Thread’s I’m All About You would evoke just that.

Sugary and sickly sweet, the new track from the self-dubbed funky punky four-piece strays from their usual gritty sound, venturing into a strain of girl-power pop that could easily slip into the CD collection of Cher Horowitz.

This is, for all purposes, a pop record. But despite the abandonment of classic rock n’roll, we’re not losing out on gusto through lack of riffage; I’m All About You digs it’s heels in with a groovy guitar hook and solo, their take on rock-funk reminiscent to Sheer Mag.

In partnership with light-hearted lyricism, Purple Thread haven’t thought too deeply and tried to take on the world in a pop ballad with their latest release. Smart move? Indisputably. Not biting off more than you can chew has worked wonders on this track, the simplicity of a girly love song shifting the focus onto the pure groove of the track itself.

Sometimes you can hear a record and know the band behind it are going to be big. Maybe not right this second, maybe not in a few weeks’ time, but soon enough they’ll blow up big style. Purple Thread have that record, and Purple Thread on this power-pop path are the band to do just that.

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