Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Words by Abi Whistance

There’s a time and a place for these kinds of records. Like the khaki-shorts-bucket-hat combination that only graces us with its presence mid-August, Peace Frog’s Ellena exists within those same limits.

Beachy-keen and quirky in its own right, Ellena is your quintessential holiday abroad listening. Chiming guitar, light and repetitive vocals, it has all the necessary components for a triumph in jangle-pop.

It’s not too difficult to imagine dancing in a field to this; the dirt in the crevices of your flip-flops caking into mud after the third pint of dark fruits spills over your feet. But when the festival is over and you’re sat in the open boot of your car, scraping the clay from between your toes, hearing this might just send you into a maddening frenzy.

Ellena, unfortunately, shoots itself in its own foot simply by being achingly summery and optimistic. It’s the kind of song that can sum up your whole July but by December brings on a depression, when it’s nowhere near as warm as you wish it could be.

When the sun disappears and you’re stuck behind your desk for another eight months, the rain beating down on your conservatory roof like tiny pebbles, hearing Ellena could be understandably exasperating; keeping it under lock and key to preserve your own wellbeing as you trudge through another winter may be the only solution.

Nevertheless, the closer we edge to August and the top end of twenty degrees, the closer we get to removing Peace Frog’s Ellena from Pandora’s indie crate- along with a handful of REM tracks and a dash of Mystery Jets.

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