Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Words by Abi Whistance

Your first-time seeing Mother Vulture live won’t be your last, and your first time listening to new single Mr Jones won’t be either.

I can vouch for both of these statements being close enough to factual, after all, I’ve been lucky enough to both see and hear the Bristol-based foursome in all their glory pretty intimately. Uncompromised by a small audience, Mother Vulture managed to fill an empty room at Leeds’s very own Santiago this year with nothing but their brazen energy, frontman Georgi Valentine thrashing about like a fish out of water whilst the rest of the band dangled themselves from amps and window sills.

So, I can’t help but slap my own wrist for being startled by the nature of their latest single, Mr Jones. Of course, I’ve been telling myself, of course they’d do something this formidable.

How could I be even slightly surprised?

Mr Jones is rapid, heavy and everything you’ve come to expect from the band so far.

Modernising a Motley Crue sound seems to be their forte; slashing the fanciful solos to prevent any expiry date. Classics are on the rise and Mother Vulture know it, removing the needless accessories from glam-rock and hair metal to revitalise and bring forth an entire era.

This is what people want to hear: raucous, loud and vicious. This is what Mr Jones is giving you.

You’re welcome.

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