Words by Bob Brazill

I approached Modern Day Dukes having never heard any of their music previously and with a totally open mind.

I was drawn to a dirty, operatic opening track; a late 70’s off Broadway production that nobody knew was cool until they realised the important and subversive nature of the thing much later. Then, Nine Inch Nails with cheerleaders, a metric crap ton of bass fuzz and off we go on a journey into oblivion.

Perhaps showing my age, the last act I can remember that utilised the two bass player method to any great success was Ned's Atomic Dustbin, and Ned’s had some damn catchy tunes propelling them into the zeitgeist of that era. Modern Day Dukes have a tight production style and aesthetic, as well as a likeable energy throughout their music, but I was struggling to remember a stand out track on the first listen of the album.

Having said that, I do feel that there's real value and market for this offering. Penultimate track Low Calorie Groove starts to get more theatrical in nature, and I think this is the overall point that the band are trying to get across; like Slade V Pendulum the stage show, it's a good thing.

I would recommend giving 100% Full Fat Noise a listen, well actually give it a few listens, but loud, very loud and with a pinch of salt. That in no way is to say that this isn’t serious music, it’s just fun and probably needs a fair amount of big hair, make up and pyrotechnics to be truly appreciated.

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