Words by Bob Brazill

It could seem to a visiting outsider that the current music scene in Leeds is oversaturated with indie bands, their uniforms consisting of pastel trousers, floppy hair, dubious facial adornments and rolled up woollen hats. To be fair, some of these bands are pretty good and have served the local music scene well. We do, however, have a plethora of fantastic underground DIY rock bands that continue to create music teeming with social importance.

Rothschild are one of those bands.

Make Me a Martyr is an unapologetic machine-gun heist of a track. This offering is rich with talent, musicianship and rhythmic twists and turns. It’s all too easy to fall into cliché in this arena, Rothschild manage to sidestep this with a quality and an assured performance that leaves you breathless.

To be honest, this kind of music wouldn’t be my first choice, but I am becoming a huge fan of the band and upon multiple listens you are rewarded with a clever blend of layered harmonies which almost turn operatic at points, and a rich and sumptuous production style, full of dynamic trickery and sonic goodness. There’s skill on show here too; it’s not just guitar posturing and gratuitous showing off, every element is well-thought-out and equally well executed. You do get a sense of the band’s musical influences but it’s never derivative and always tasteful.

The out and out energy here is infectious, and if you haven’t been able to catch Rothschild live I urge you to seek them out, find them on their socials and tell them how much you love them.

DIY rock is alive and kicking in Leeds- Amen.

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