Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Words by Merc Rowe

The News I Needed is the second EP from Leeds-based indie rocker Liam Sullivan, and it brings all the energy you’d expect from such a dynamic performer.

The first thing you notice about Liam Sullivan’s flavour of indie rock is his knack for a chorus. Each track takes its time to set the atmosphere; the kind of moody introspection you would expect to hear in a movie right before exploding into a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Structurally this works to consistently engage the audience, moving them emotionally through the highs and lows of the musical journey. It’s these emotional beats that make listening to the EP from start to finish a worthwhile use of time.

The Raven ​serves as both the opening to the EP and the lead single, and functions perfectly as an introduction to Sullivan’s style. Arguably the strongest track from a production standpoint, the instrumental arrangement creates a feeling of depth enveloping the vocals throughout. If you're new to Sullivan’s work then this, by design, is an ideal place to start.

Nairobi, ​the final song, is another standout track. Slowing down from the high energy choruses of the previous tracks, Nairobi leaves the audience with memories of a more intimate and laidback version of the singer-songwriter. Despite the different pace this change feels earned.

The entire release has such a consistent intimacy to it that the final track's punchy overdriven guitar seems like the only logical conclusion, before kicking it back up later in the track and reminding the listener of the high energy that punctuates the EP.

All in all, ​The News I Needed ​is a solid release from a solid artist. Liam Sullivan is one to watch on the Leeds scene.

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