Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Words by James Duah

Friday night claimed witness to an EP launch organised by Liam's friends at NASA, the night commencing with the release of his latest EP The News I Needed: A Liam Sullivan-esque four track chemtrail splurge.

A performer who is subdued to performing as a fridge freezer is to edible,Sullivan took to his misty and enchanted stage. Liam and his band force over layers of sound, weaving in and out of spiritual melody lines and lofty guitar riffs with a transparent, knowing and direct clarity. Every song was delivered on surfboard straddling waves of absurd sugar rush, punctuated by Liam's charm and oratorical erudite character.

Liam, on the surface, is brash, (the guy came out in all white), loud, abrasive, but if you listen closely you can hear a sensitivity underneath; a floaty song writing cubby. You would expect a ram rodding blitz of biblical referencing seeing as though Liam resembles the main guy from the second part of that best-selling novel. But I ain’t gonna do that because, spoiler alert, Jesus was a bass player with writer’s block.

I know Liam. I know how he lost his everything, his ability to sing. I know the intimate details of conflicts with his girlfriend. I know how Liam felt when he lost his grandfather. And if you have listened to his EP or you were there also on Friday night so do you.

One of the best performances I've seen for a long time at 360 Club.

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