Words by Mark Wakeman

Written during the lockdown period we've all found ourselves stuck in, Liam Sullivan's When This Is Over perfectly captures the mood of isolation and the loneliness of being away from your loved ones during the current circumstances.

The track has a gorgeously mellow opening, before Liam's rich toneful voice kicks in with some beautiful harmonies, adding a power to a chorus that can only be described as melt in your mouth.

If this song had been written by a more well-known artist then there is no doubt that it would be a sure fire radioplay regular, with an almost Bob Geldof warmth and band-aid feel to the track.

I wrote this review without reading Liam's press release to give it a totally unbiased take on the track. Having not heard his music before, I was more than pleasantly surprised with what I then heard from the artist. When I did read his attached details and saw his photograph he wasn't that far off what I had imagined; his voice still had a nice maturity for his age and his nods to Jeff Buckley are there for you to hear.

If this song is any representation of Liam Sullivan as an artist, then I cannot wait to hear what else he records and releases during this isolation period.

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