Words by Matthew Wilson

The first thing that Blame does is grab your attention with just how goddamn good it sounds. The new single by Leeds alt-rockers Late Night Legacy leaps out of your speakers with crisp, dense and layered production that would let this song neatly slip in between any other banger on Radio 1.

Rob Orange’s guitar has that same classic John Frusciante twang; a thick soupy, hard hitting funk rock riff, the kind of tone that can’t be replicated by anything other than an exceptional guitarist. On the bottom end, drummer Andy Hounslow and bassist Kyle Metcalfe hold things down with a dirty, half-time funk groove, whilst vocalist Ryan Kitto’s tight and expressive vocals glide effortlessly over the instrumentalists of the band.

There’s such an impressive display of quality here, both in terms of musicianship and production, that Late Night Legacy almost get away with covering up Blame’s shortcomings.


Because, whilst Blame sounds great, it feels like the band are holding back, only cutting loose on the short, impromptu ending. Once the sheen of the production fades away, you’re left wondering how Late Night Legacy want to be seen; as an out of control rock band, or a tempered radio mainstay? As it stands, Blame is caught between these tensions.

If Late Night Legacy picks a direction and sticks at it, they’ll be unstoppable.

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