Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Words by Ruby Judge

I’ve got news for you- post-punk is making its way out of your Dads’ record collection.

Klammer have updated an all too classic style in a way that fills my little goth heart with joy. A band with all the airs and graces of a disillusioned youth has grown up and learnt how to write a hook; they’ve renovated the dark chants and black button-ups of the eighties with modern rock riffs.

The Human League have been covered in pretty much any genre you can think of. Fancy hearing Don’t You Want Me sang by a funk singer, indie band or the cast of Glee? YouTube’s got your back. But never have I heard justice done like in this particular cover of 1979’s Being Boiled.

Whilst sitting at more of a stone’s throw than a giant leap away from the original, this still is a refreshing version of the track. There’s a clear respect for the band here; the thudding rhythm and vocals maintain their new-wave drone, but the timely expulsion of synthesisers brings it into a new era with a necessary boost of energy.

If you feel like getting amped up for a protest, I’d advise adding this to your playlist.

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