Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Words by Merc Rowe

Swim Inside is Joegarratt’s debut on Monomyth Records, and it could not be a more enticing introduction to this era of his career.

The single is beautiful. The soundtrack to a late night drive, a light shower of rain pelting the car windows and distorting the streetlights. Four minutes of introspection; letting your surroundings wash over you and diving headfirst into the spacious and inviting feel of the music.

Musically it is deeply captivating with a subtle complexity layered behind the bass-rich acoustic guitar and otherworldly harmonies. In part these harmonies can be accredited to ESKIMO who, featured alongside Joegarratt, offers her voice to the high end of the arrangement, counterbalancing the aforementioned bass. It’s almost reminiscent of Pink Floyd in the way the vocals work on an atmospheric level, giving the meaning of the lyrics higher emotional intensity.

It’s these lyrics that tie the whole thing together. Thematically it follows a couple who have fallen out of touch with each other and are perhaps finding the normality of a less than ideal relationship more comfortable than the alternative of starting over alone- a situation that many people in the audience may have found themselves in. The bittersweet discord of such a relationship echoes the complex layers of the production behind the relatively simple guitar hook.

All in all this is one of the best new releases of the year from both a production and musical standpoint, encompassing all of the best aspects of Joegarratt's music. This new beginning on Monomyth Records could really be the making of this young musician.

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