Words by Mark Wakeman

I must admit, Jagged Moon are a band that I'm not familiar with, so I decided to just listen to the track having no background information on the band. This was always a great way to do things when nearly all new music was heard through the radio; a track would be played and you had no idea who it was by, but if you liked it you were keen to find out exactly who was behind the magic.

I noticed that Sitcom Reruns is a relatively short track at just over 2 minutes 30 seconds. In the days of often overblown tracks, returning to the classic 3 minute or less song is a great idea. The track started with a sort of reverb, distorted guitar that immediately reminded me of Dave "The Rave" Davis' early guitar work with The Kinks. The track also had shades of some of the earlier Charlatans releases, especially in the lead singer's delivery. There was also snippets of what I hoped was a retro hammond organ, which is always nice to hear in newer bands. This track wouldn't have been out of place in the early 1990's Madchester/Indie scene and is certainly better than a lot of the offerings of that era.

It's the sort of track I would imagine sounds good live- wishful thinking, I know.

This came across as a good no nonsense "We get up and play our music" type track, with a nice sudden ending. If Jagged Moon have other tracks this solid but still with a nice raw energy, then I'll have to keep an eye on them.

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