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Late Night Legacy saw success when their single Crystal Blue reached an impressive 1000 streams within just 6 days in. I was lucky enough to land an email interview with the band to discuss what we can look forward to in the upcoming months and how they, along with many more within the music industry were affected by the recent lockdown. It was intriguing to hear how musicians coped with the quarantine and quite a relief to hear that there are some success stories from the lockdown.

Late Night Legacy discuss some of the exciting new changes they have made inspired by the lockdown, which include brand new changes to their line-up, song-writing and direction as a band. And to top it all off we get to uncover what we can expect from them in the upcoming months.

Okay, so Late Night Legacy tell us a little bit about yourselves? What can we expect to hear once music venues finally open up?

RK - We've made so many changes to the band over lockdown, not just in terms of band members but also how we structure songs and write music. Our producer Dan is now heavily involved with the final tracks we put out as he brings such a powerful modern undertone to the production of the tracks. Matt and James will also bring a huge injection of new enthusiasm and a completely new style of alt-rock.

Live music wise I think we're still going to be like wild dogs on a chip butty but possibly even more energy.

I feel like as a band you will probably hear this question an neverending amount of times but I must ask, as musicians who are some of your biggest influences?

RK - For me, as cheesy as it sounds, my Mam and Dad - I think constantly playing their ridiculously varied record collection sparked a huge interest in music for me madness to the Corrs to Fleetwood Mac it broadened my musical mind at a young age. Band wise, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, The Hunna, Dinosaur Pile Up, Nothing But Thieves... honestly so many I need to name but I think four will do for now

So I see you guys have had some pretty recent line up changes, how did that come about? Has it changed the band’s dynamic at all?

RK - Definitely! Although we still have a laugh and mess around 90% of the time, I think we're more focused as musicians and as a business. The new boys are massively involved in the song writing process and have a similar mindset to myself and Rob when planning for the future and what to expect from it.

Also in terms of songwriting, do you feel that’s changed with the new line up? Can we expect a completely new sound with the new members?

RK - *Spoiler alert* The next two tracks to come out were written by myself and Rob over lockdown so it may be some time until our legendary fans hear the new sound in all it's glory with Matt and James, possibly Dec 2020 or early 2021. The next one from lockdown recordings will be out next month.

Lockdown has been hard for many musicians and just the industry as a whole, but I’ve heard you guys have had a particularly tough time. Would you care to elaborate on this and how you'd overcome these obstacles?

RK - I mean, we had it as tough as any touring band in the respect that our tour was completely cancelled but I think it gave us time to focus on exactly what we wanted and make necessary changes going forward. We're definitely much clearer now on what we want to achieve and the overall time frame and now with management and a booking agent behind us we've never been more ready to get back out there.

As a band it must be thrilling to finally be able to go back into the music studio, what’s that been like? Is there anything in the pipeline that we have to look forward to?

RK – Honestly, the best feeling ever, working with Dan he just makes our songs sound that much more polished and a bigger sound overall, we have a couple of surprises, one being 'Plastic Hearts' which was funded entirely with the money our fans donated to our Spotify/ Covid-19 fundraiser page, we honestly can't thank them enough! The other track, which may be a B-side surprise is a very popular track of ours we're bringing back in a new way... I'll just leave that there.

In late May you guys released the brand new single “Crystal Blue” which reached an impressive 1000 streams on spotify within 6 days. I hear you guys are currently in the filming process of the music video for the song, what can we expect to see from it? And any clues on when we will see it released?

RK- We have literally just wrapped on filming the video this week, honestly, I don't even know how to describe this video, other than to say you will definitely smile, and maybe even pull 1 or 2 confused faces, if not throughout the entire video. We had so much fun filming this one and as always, don't take ourselves too seriously when filming daft music vids.

What are your plans for the future as a band? Has the recent lockdown changed your bands initial direction?

RK - We're still looking towards a world tour, we just know exactly how to get at now. we'll start with a huge headline tour in 2021, release as many singles as we can and go from there.

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