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With the upcoming release of their latest single Crystal Blue this Friday, we sat down with local alt-rockers Late Night Legacy to get the heads-up on the new track.

Crystal Blue comes out this Friday- is this one you’ve been sitting on for a while or is it a pretty new track?

R.O: It's one song we've been working on as a band for a while. It's had a few different chorus' over the last year but when we wrote this version we knew it was the one. We were lucky enough to get in the studio just before lockdown to record it. 

R.K: Yeah it's had about 3 or 4 chorus options to be honest, we tested them all out at gigs and just picked the one that went down best with our fans and this is the one that people remembered / moved and sang along with more.

This is a pretty different sound for you too, when we spoke last year you said you’d finally settled on a sound as a band- is this it?

R.K: Absolutely, we're always open to experimenting with new instruments/pedals/styles but this is definitely the one where we sat back in the studio and thought, yeah this the direction we want to go in. Gotta give a huge shoutout to our new producer too, Dan Mizen, he's played a big part in helping us develop our alt-rock sound.

R.O: Although we would class ourselves as alt-rock we are constantly evolving our sound and are consciously not trying to limit ourselves to write to a specific genre. We just want to write catchy songs that hopefully people can relate to and enjoy. The song feels like it has a nod to glam rock, was this intentional?

R.K: Glam rock? interesting! It's the first time we've heard that one but we're getting so many genre comparisons from reviewers so far Alt-Rock, Pop, Pop Rock so basically there's a bit of everything for everyone in this song I guess. I know our bassist will be happy with the glam rock comparison though as he's the biggest KISS fan I know. R.O: It wasn't intentional but who doesn't love a bit of kiss every now and then?

Have you been up to much during lockdown? R.K: Well I've actually started a new business drawing people's pets, mainly dogs & cats. So apart from the whole pandemic and not being able to see family, it's actually been pretty good. We're deffo writing a lot more now.

R.O:  It's given me chance to work on my garden. I've actually quite enjoyed it. Music wise we have also had a lot of time to work on new material. We live together so we've been pretty productive. What can we expect from you next?

R.K: We're currently working on a music video (obeying all social distancing rules of course) for this single which is looking pretty mental on paper, whether or not we can actually pull this one off the next few weeks will tell.

R.O: We will also be going straight back into the studio to record a new single as soon as lock down is over. We want to be able to follow up on this release as soon as possible. 

Presave Crystal Blue on Spotify here:

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