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Email interviews are a tricky one to nail.

It's rare that after sending a handful questions over in the usual 'here you go, do your best' fashion I receive answers that really give an insight into the personality of a band. Yet after reading the responses sent in by Leeds DIY pop group Heir, I think we're about to learn a little more than usual about the five-piece.

Endearing in the oddest way, we sat tight as Heir talked us through their unusual methods of keeping the band 'fresh', their regular brushes with Peter Pan syndrome and the birth of their new two-headed song child (their words, not ours).

Strap yourselves in- it's a wild one.

For those who aren’t aware, tell us a little bit about you guys.

Hallo! We’re Heir, we write tasty pop songs and when live music is back (WHO IS SHE?!), we can be found prancing around the stage like hyperactive lemurs.

You’ve just released your latest single Fear of Falling, was this something you’d recorded before lockdown or during?

We have indeed, the baby is leaving home. We wrote the song quite a while ago actually, I’m talking years. A long time before we got plonked into this science experiment.

Your first single I’ll Pick You Up did remarkably well, are you hoping to achieve similar success with Fear of Falling?

Thanks! That’s very kind of you to say, it didn’t shoot to number one by any stretch of the imagination but we certainly were very happy that it got on a couple of playlists that allowed us to introduce ourselves to a fair few people that we would otherwise have been invisible to in the great black hole that is Spotify.

With regards to the latest single, we’ll probably aim for smashing I’ll Pick You Up out of the water.

A lot of pop artists talk about a pop ‘formula’ for writing chart-toppers, do you have one and what’s your secret?

Good question (that was genuine, not patronizing) – we don’t have a scientific formula at all no. But we do have a good writing routine. Sam, Ste and I will head off to normally run off to one of our grandparents' houses for a few days where I will make loads of cups of tea while the other two play four chords and cry about not being children anymore.

Where are you planning on taking the band next? Are you sticking with what you know works or are you going to explore something different in next releases?

Just before lockdown we were about to play three of our biggest headline shows with a couple of sold out dates, so the first thing will be to thank all of the people that bought tickets for a show that is now not until November, with a smasher.

We also have a run of singles that were lined up before we changed it up due to lockdown and put out the Abbey Road duo. So, we’ll be returning to that plan in some way when we can!

How do you intend on keeping Heir fresh and exciting?

We sleep in vinegar….

Thankfully, we are obsessed with writing and playing music with each other, so there isn’t too much chance of us becoming stale.

Anything in the pipeline for after this single?

We need to get back to playing for people, live. Reminding ourselves of that wonderfully unique feeling.

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