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In the run-up to the release of their next single, All Things End, I caught up with Leeds' very own synth-pop trio Artio for a virtual tête-à-tête all about their new song, and their lockdown experience as a band.

So how’s lockdown treating you? A little birdie told me you’ve been rather productive…

Lockdown has cancelled our tour and all the festivals we had planned, BUT we’ve written so much music! We've rearranged all our release plans and now have double the releases previously planned.

We’ve also done a whole rebrand and have lots more content coming up. Lockdown has given us all the time we needed to take a break from touring and hone our craft really.

You’re about to release All Things End, tell us a little bit about the track.

All Things End is a new sound for us. We now have Iive drums instead of programmed, and this track opened up a new sonic door for us which has inspired all of the new music we’ve written in the past 12 weeks. It’s about love that bends the rules of mortality, as well as questioning the afterlife and what will happen when you die and lose the ones you love, will you ever see them again?

All Things End is the desire to wait in whatever spiritual plain you end up in, to not even let death separate you from the person you love.

How does the single fit in with Backbone? Was this a track that was written alongside the EP or written after?

It was written in the middle of Backbone! When it was written we desperately wanted to release it, but this track needed it’s own time to shine as a single. It’s a whole different era, a different aesthetic, sound, everything.

It’s also lyrically written from a different place. I wanted to write about human relationships, as the last 2 EPs were written on larger issues such as mental health, government directed anger, etc. I wanted to write a song focusing on human relationships on a deeper level.

All Things End has also been dubbed as a more mature sound for you guys, how do you feel about that?

I think it’s definitely a different, heavier sound that what audiences are used to. As for more mature, we always want to grow as a band, evolve our sound and live shows so I’ll take that!

Got anything else coming up you can tell us about? Or is it all top secret for now?

Sadly, we must keep details top secret. BUT, there’s more music, more content coming! If you follow all our socials you’ll be the first to know! For now, All Things End is out June 5th!

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