Words by Darren Williams

Using a bass and drum line from the lethargic Rag N' Bone Man, virtually the same chord structure as Lewis Capaldi’s Before You Go and a time structure not unlike those irritating ads on YouTube that promise (or threaten) that you’ll be able to teach yourself how to play acoustically like Ed Sheeran in less than a month, this track tries so hard to be memorable yet is still destined to be background noise.

Too tricksy and tonally awkward, the better version is the stripped back acoustic one, although that exposes the very basic skeleton of a song that a busker may use to tune up, and that has been smothered in unnecessary production techniques which could easily have been programmed by an A.I. following an algorithmic recipe called “Brooding Emotional Singer-Songwriters (Male)”.

It will probably do well as part of a soundtrack or as one of those thought-provoking advertising campaigns. I can quite easily see it being used as an obvious emotional signifier accompanying some rain-soaked nighttime scene on a Netflix series about misunderstood teenage superheroes or a multi-national insurance company trying to reassure small businesses during COVID.

In short, it sounds like a hundred and one different songs at the same time & will probably have you reaching for those long after you remember what set you off on that musical odyssey in the first place.

Despite the title, Heavy is disappointingly lightweight.

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