Words by Ruby Judge

This is a song to nick trolleys to.

An anthem for northern lads who want to mosh to a band that gets them, Fudge. have taken a confident swing at indie-rock and produced a cacophony of riffs, chants and crashes.

You can tell straight off the bat what you’re getting- no faffing around, straight into the bangers. It’s the kind of track you can imagine would be played in a TV show's teen-rebellion montage, close up shots of screaming faces and destruction.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that any new grounds are being broken here, Hugger-Mugger isn’t going to sound out of place in any '00s alternative playlist. But hey ho, it’s the energy that counts with this lot.

Headphones won’t do this justice. Fudge. are a band that needs to be heard loud and live, you’ve got to get into the spirit of it and accept the imperfections as part of the charm.

It may not be everyone’s idea of a masterpiece, but it definitely ain’t filler and it’s far too loud to ignore.

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