Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Words by Merc Rowe

We may have survived the brutal European heatwave of 2019, but Summer is still in full swing.

And if this smooth funk offering from Leeds’ own Everyday People isn’t setting the tone for your garden party playlist- then you’re missing out.

As the first of three upcoming singles, It’s Complicated effectively carves out an identity for the Yorkshire trio, independent of their previous releases. Whether you’ve attended one of their sold-out shows or are hearing them for the first time, the mix of the punchy, old-school guitar and seductively soulful vocals will draw you into the very heart of what the band is all about, leaving you waiting eagerly for the follow-up.

Juxtaposed to the aforementioned old-school vibe is the tasteful use of sampling - using what sounds like a voicemail message to give weight and context to the lyrical content.

“I’m really sorry about last night.” says the caller.

“It just wasn’t working out. You know how these things are.”

A simple technique creates such a palpable image of Maeve (vocals) achieving some kind of catharsis following a dispute with a lover; it’s this context injection that adds a bittersweet tone to the otherwise upbeat track.

Yes, of course, she understands that this is often “how these things are” and she won’t let that bother her too much, but this really isn’t ideal, is it?

A little too close to home.

All in all, Everyday People have already captured the attention of BBC Radio and, if the next two singles are as promising as the first, then they could very well be on their way to success.

It’s recommended you dive into their music now, just so that you can tell everyone that you liked them before they made it.

It’s much cooler that way.

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