Words by Merc Rowe

Hideaway is the debut single from Leeds-based pop-rockers Central Arcade, and while the song itself is exactly what you would expect from such a band it lays the groundwork for an undeniably talented group.

The first thirty seconds of Hideaway are enough to prove that they know exactly what they’re doing; opening with a killer, catchy lead and following up with a solid vocal performance is an expert formula for a debut single. The upbeat tone, ear worm lead, and standard time signature creates an ideal platform for Central Arcade to connect with potential fans of the genre. As an introduction to the band this could not be more perfect.

As the song progresses it maintains its upbeat, catchy nature. The lead guitar really drives the song forward by knitting together each verse with the chorus and keeping it perfectly cohesive. The chorus itself seems to have been written with the intent of being iconic. Repeating the title of the song a few times creates a great atmosphere for live performances where both established and potential fans can enjoy the simplicity of the hook.

Overall this is a solid pop-rock track and leaves the floor open for further experimentation from a band that have proven that they understand the nature of their sound. It’s easy to get into and guaranteed to be stuck in your head for a while after you hear it.

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