Words by Megan Johnson

Brosnan’s newly released single Octopus is the epitome of chilled out indie music. However, this three-piece manage to add twist and variation to their sound with the undeniable influence of alternative 80s tunes. Brosnan reveals nods to artists such as The Cure and Pulp; this band is not without retro appreciation.

The lyrics are a melancholy disposition and they flow in a stubborn rhythm throughout the song: “And if you ask me why // you’ll only make me cry”. It’s easy to get caught in the familiarity of the rhyming and, after just your first listen, it’s impossible to not tap your foot.

Octopus is a first-class ticket to de-stressing, there’s nothing more soothing than the regular chords of an indie band, and Brosnan are without exception. Despite a calming exterior, when you listen closer, the song is tight in its production and modern in its song writing. It’s clear they’ll be no faltering when this band is free from the restrictions of lockdown.

The band's new video, recorded in lockdown, is almost cinematic in its editing. Almost.

Admittedly, it’s a very cool stance, with each band member standing solo, not acknowledging various waves, jellyfish and psychedelic lights beaming across their faces.

So how does it feel at the bottom of the ocean? Brosnan’s new track may not have all the marine biological answers, but what it does have is a tight sound, a retro twist and loveable indie vibes.

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