Words by Merc Rowe

Brooders’ most recent single ​Mindfield ​is pure noise in the most perfect way.

The self described “psych-grunge” trio are the epitome of their genre with distorted, stomping riffs and raw, stylistically imperfect vocals; both of which feel suited to the thriving live music scene that they will no doubt make their mark on.

One of the strongest aspects of ​Mindfield ​is the way this solid foundation of powerful, overdriven noise intertwines with the subtly haunting lead guitar. This detail adds slight complexity to the grunge formula which earns Brooders the “psych” aspect of their genre and is reminiscent of grunge legends Alice In Chains or, looking closer to home, DIY groups such as The Wytches or Lauren’s Court.

It’s the psychedelic aspect of their music that could help Brooders stand out in a crowded underground scene of energetic DIY grunge bands. In 2019 the over the top, occasionally discordant vocals are no longer considered outlandish and have instead attracted flocks of hopeful bands wanting to make the same power chord driven riffs and vent through such a powerful and emotive genre. If ​Mindfield​ is anything to go by then Brooders will soon be a household name amongst those other bands and, most importantly, fans of the scene.

These guys are undoubtedly ones to watch and ​Mindfield is set to be a crowd pleaser.

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