Words by Abi Whistance

Not all funk gives you that raw, unfiltered ‘funk feeling’. That kind of sneer that creeps across your face when you hear a real groove, the jutting of your head backwards and forwards and the insistent foot-stomp to a beat so unshakeable it might just remain in your head forever.

Blue Kubricks give you that all too familiar funk feeling. On tape it’s not the same, their newfound blues only rearing its head on track Pleasure; rough around the edges yet still far too fantastic to dismiss it as a demo.

Live, there’s enough originality in their music for this not to just be fashionable. No trends, no bandwagons, Blue Kubricks are pure style in the way they own their craft. It’s rare to see a band so consistent in their approach to performance; every movement, every cry and every yell carefully selected to fit an aesthetic stumbled upon in an act of brilliance.

With the little material accessible lacking the gusto they ooze on stage, catching Blue Kubricks is a must for those looking for a band working miracles. It's not often I feel the urge to see a band over and over again, but I certainly feel it here- there's nothing else to sink your teeth into just yet other than a hefty live performance with these.

A clever tactic to sell tickets? Might as well be.

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