Words by Varun Govil

Following a string of singles dating back to 2018, South Carolina three-piece Babe Club present a comforting but dated display of indie-pop on their debut EP Remember This Feeling. With catchy hooks that seem the result of soldering together the hits on 90’s radio playlist, the nostalgic warmth of Remember This Feeling is undeniable.

When first listening to Babe Club, it’s hard not to notice the immediate accessibility of singer’s Jenna Desmond’s voice. With many of the tunes on the EP being driven mostly by Desmond’s performance, her channeling of Indie legends like Alvvays and Japanese Breakfast is a welcome touch.

Instrumentally the project also has a comfortable familiarity to it. Being more akin to the middle ground of mellow post-grunge - think Matchbox Twenty - and the glossy character of Grouplove-like synthpop, the soundscapes on Remember This Feeling will send you back a few decades to when the radio dictated all that was musically fashionable.

Admittedly though, while it is easy to appreciate the safety of the project, Babe Club would benefit greatly from taking more risks across the five tracks. Moments like the drum machine break on opener Future Talks and the off-kilter guitar solo on Automatic Love prove that the band are capable of more adventurous thinking, but yet they seem to rely on kitsch lyrics and songwriting.

If you’re looking for the next band for you to obsess over for hours on end, Babe Club probably won’t be the ones scratching that itch anytime soon. If, however, you’re in the market for some new tunes in your feel-good playlists, you wouldn’t go wrong with adding any of the five tracks on Remember This Feeling.

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