Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Words by Abi Whistance

This is a modern pop record. The synth, the strikingly melodic vocals, the repetitive drum hook; all the elements are there. But what ARTIO do differently is something that takes a few infuriating listens, edging too close to madness begging the question ‘what about this is so bloody fantastic? Why in God’s name can’t I put my finger on it?’

You know something about this is noteworthy when you’re not bored after five similar sounding pop records, one after another after another.

And let me tell you this: it’s all in the dark undertones.

What ARTIO do best is melancholy and pessimism- maybe that sounds like a bad thing, but trust me, it isn’t. Not many artists can nail the desperation and sadness of a night alone (and by alone, I mean really goddamn alone) within the boundaries put in place by a pop prison. I call it that because when you’re stuck in the same sound for years on end it might as well be a life sentence at HM, and it’ll take some outstanding change of mindset to get out of it.

Sedative acknowledges the vital elements needed for an EP to climb the top forty, but refuses to throw them into the mixing pot purely out of necessity. They use them to their advantage; pop crescendos in the likes of If We Don’t Speak Again feel worth your time, so worthwhile in fact you’re willing to listen a second, third and fourth time.

I've fallen for this EP hook, line and sinker.

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