Words by Abi Whistance

After the release of their debut EP Sedative this year, Artio have let those around them know that they’re not here to play games. For them this is no time to loiter, their recent success propelling shows and a further ripple of singles we’re yet to meet face to face.

This Friday, we see Artio as the cynic.

Hide Them From Me illuminates a far darker side to the band; menacing synths sound jagged and violent, the rise and fall of the song bringing forth a feeling of something dreadful looming over you.

This record is not for the faint of heart.

Glowing with unease, Artio have shown that yes, they can make you feel good with a well-crafted pop song, but they have the ability to make you feel pretty goddamn uncomfortable tucked away in their back pocket.

As an initial glimpse into what Artio are working on now that their EP is done and dusted, this is as shudder-inducing as it gets. If this here is the first release of many, I’m trembling with discomfort as to how dark they’re willing to go.

The Crystal Maze of pop records, Hide Them From Me is threshold apprehension showing no sign of slowing down with each listen.

Urgency, distress and fear all rolled into an ever-so-appealing package.

Just try and put it down.

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