Words by Sophie Nash

Following the release of their second EP, BACKBONE, and their longest stream of shows yet (including their March headline at The Wardrobe, Leeds), Artio aren’t hanging around and are set to release their next single All Things End on the 5th of June.

The track opens with some classic Artio sounds of synth goodness enhanced with some simple keys that shine above creating an incredibly stirring and unique atmosphere, causing us to question where the band will take us this time.

The opening swells into an electronic and gritty sound as the instantly recognisable lead vocals soar into this already enticing number, soft yet eerie.

The chorus hits as the instrumental fades a little, allowing powerful vocals to pierce through the noise. The vocals become wonderfully aggressive and the depth created by the bass and guitar plummets yet further as we experience a darkness that Artio has not previously showcased in such a way.

The lyrics feature starkly contrasting lines, ‘the sweetest kiss, the coldest hands’, which enhance Artio’s usual uncertain and somewhat uncomfortable performance.

The peak of the tune is reached in the final chorus where the once simple and gentle sounding keys become dark and intense electronic riffs before it begins to come to a close. In the final seconds we hear the return of the opening instrumental refrain bringing us back to the band’s roots in their typical haunting fashion, having taken us along on a vast musical journey in just 3 minutes and 41 seconds.

Discomfort, beauty and a new and uneasy darkness: these lot are full of surprises.

The track as a whole features all the well-loved sounds of Artio as we know it, whilst also introducing more musical avenues that they have previously not explored. This track symbolises them turning another corner in their journey as they continue to establish themselves as a band and come into their own after just over a year as Artio.

All Things End teases us with the introduction of this new side to the band, making their next steps impossible to predict.

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