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It's release day for To The Local favourites Askies, so we caught up with the band to talk a bit about their new single Forty-Three, and ask them a few other questions along the way.

Tell us a little bit about who you are.

We're Askies from Leeds, we're an indie/alternative band that formed in 2017. We all met at Uni in freshers week and just decided to get something going from there. We've been gigging all over the place since then really (when we were allowed obviously), so all in all we're living the dream haha.

Your new single Forty Three is out today, tell us about it.

For us I think this single kind of epitomises what we're all about. It's basically got all the features of the past releases, but we've mashed it into one song, so we think it sums us up quite well. It also feels like a pretty good way to round off what's been an uncertain year to say the least. Without getting too deep into it I feel like you can somewhat hear that angst and tension in the song, but maybe that's just us having too much free time to over-analyse it! So I guess people can expect the whole tension and release, big askies chorus again, we're pretty fond of those...

What do you love most about the Leeds music scene?

I think it's just the people really. Leeds isn't an overly big city, but the amount of bands and artists knocking about is pretty impressive. Obviously before the whole covid thing happened there were an endless amount of gigs to go to, in some great venues, and you'd see the same people around every night, either playing or just supporting new music. It's got that sense of community about it I guess. To a certain extent everyone kind of knows everyone and it's just a really exciting scene to be a part of. I think it gets overlooked quite a lot in terms of what people know as the 'music cities' around the UK, but from our fairly biased opinion, it's definitely up there with the best. Who are you listening to at the minute?

We've been rinsing the new 'Caro' album recently (Burrows). They're a band from Leeds that me and Nathan saw live for the first time last year. I think watching that set just made us reassess attempting to be musicians, they're absolutely mega.

If you could only save one of your released tracks so far, which one would it be?

Wow, good question haha! If this interview goes out just after this new track is released then I guess we'd have to say Forty-Three wouldn't we? Newest is obviously best.

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